Northborough Youth Soccer prides itself on being able to provide qualified referees for all matches from U8 and above.  We make sure that all referees are officiating appropriate level matches based upon experience and age.  All levels from U9 and above must be Certified USSF Referees who are trained to officiate the match correctly, fairly, and ensure a safe environment for the players.

Grade 1/2  (In town) Referees – In the Spring of 2015, NYSA created a new tier of referee, a referee that is between the age of 12 – 14 and is specifically trained to officiate the U8 age level.  This new group of referees was created in reaction to the MA State Referee Committee changing the minimum age level of USSF Referee from 12 to 14 years old. 

This introductory level has been very popular and anyone interested should contact the NYSA Referee Assignor to learn more.

Grade 3-8  Referees – All referees must be USSF Certified Grade 8 or below referees, to find out more about certification please click here   NYSA’s Referee Assignor will assign all matches using the BAYS system and will assign by age group, divisions of age groups, and positions (AR v. Center) based on experience and age.  The assignor will work with you to make sure you are confident and comfortable as you progress through experience.  NYSA also will almost always have a Mentor that will observe and help your progression in a fair and constructive manner.


BAYS – Pays all “Center Referee” positions and AR positions at the U14 level, this happens every 2-3 weeks throughout a season.  Payments are only issued if you have completed your game reports.

NYSA – Pays all Grade 1/2, Grade 5/6 level AR and Mentors at the close of the season.  NYSA will also fully reimburse any Referee Course for Northborough residents provided a minimum number of matches are officiated.

Referee Current Pay Scale (1/7/2016)

Grade 1/2 $ 15.00 
Grade 3/4 $ 25.00 
Grade 5/6 $ 35.00 $   20.00
Grade 7/8 $ 45.00 $   25.00

Please contact the NYSA Referee Assignor, Brian Zeiger with any additional questions or you would like more information.

US Youth Soccer Laws