Player Evaluations

NYSA will be holding our Fall 2024 / Spring 2025 player evaluations the last 2 weeks in May . Please see the schedule for the specific age group date and time. Please note that these are estimated times and due to the number of participants and other factors outside of our control time may vary. Player evaluations are not mandatory but are highly recommended. These evaluations allows NYSA a better understanding on what team would best fit your player and what division we should place this team in for BAYS league.

NYSA does require players to have an evaluation score in order to be eligible for our higher division teams.

Players ARE REQUIRED to wear shin guards bring an inflated soccer ball and a water bottle. Player ARE NOT allowed to wear any club related attire. If you show up in club attire you will have to change or you will be sent home.

NYSA hires independent evaluators that are not affiliated with our organization to conduct these evaluations. This ensures a strictly player based evaluation without any bias. The evaluations are geared to be low pressure.

We encourage players to attend both evaluation dates, but it is not required.  If you do attend both days, NYSA will only use the better score for team placements.

No need to sign up for the evaluations. Once you register for the Fall season you are automatically eligible.

Be sure to read all the details on the Team and Player Placement Policy.