Player Evaluation Info

Evaluations will be conducted on two nights for both boys and girls. Although players are not required to attend both nights, it is highly recommended, as the best score from the two nights will be used to determine placement. Players should bring plenty of water, and wear cleats, shin guards and preferably a white shirt.

The evaluation process is:

  •  Low Pressure
  •  Not complicated
  •  Fun!!

All kids will play a series of small sided scrimmage games over a 90 minute period with plenty of rest time between games.  We will change their teammates regularly so they play with different kids and against varied opponents  As the games are being played, independent evaluators will move around the games and give the kids scores based on their technical ability and tactical know how. The scores are used to select our select teams  They will also give us an idea of the standard of players on the recreation teams, we will use this information to try and place the recreation teams at a level where they will get competitive games

The evaluation will be carried out by independent evaluators from Mass Youth Soccer.

Player Evaluation Responsibilities

This information is reviewed with parents at the select team orientation in May.

If you have any questions on the document, please contact our Select Team Coordinator


  • Bring plenty of water
  • Wear shin guards
  • Wear cleats
  • Plain shirt (no club insignia or last name)
  • Attend at least 1 of the 2 evaluation nights
  • Will have a team to play on whether select or recreational


  • Register your child before May 4 and (if appropriate) check off the “Yes” box for the question “will this player be attending NYSA try-outs in May?” so we know how many players to expect and therefore, can plan for the # of evaluators.
  • Playing up
    • NYSA supports the playing up policies as outlined by higher authority organizations such as United States Soccer Federation, United States Youth Soccer Association, and MYSA.
    • NYSA supports a player to play up if he/she:
      1. is an “automatic” to the U10A and MTOC(U12A & U14A) team as defined by:
        1.  Grade  3 & 4 (formerly U10) – top 6
        2. Grade  5 & 6 (formerly U12) – top 8
        3. Grade 7 & 8 (formerly U14) – top 10.
    • Recreational players also need board permission to play up.
  • Please show up at the appropriate time. NO earlier than start time of each session.
  • Parents are welcome to stay at 135 but NOT on the fields
  • If a player is injured and will miss both evaluation nights, submit ( to our Select team coordinator ) a Dr’s note and a letter of intent from a parent that the player would like to be considered for a select team, and the player MUST be registered.