NYSA Process to reschedule a home match

  1. Play the Schedule!!!  –  If there is inclement weather, only NYSA will authorize the fields to be closed.  Coaches will need to play any home matches if the fields are open.
  2. Prepone is always preferred, play the match earlier whenever possible.
  3. “Uncontested” reschedules are for the following reasons
    • Columbus Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Religious Holidays
    • Unplayable Field
  4. Reschedules for other reasons are possible but not encouraged, often lead to discord for travelling team who did not wish to reschedule and should be avoided.
  5. ALWAYS provide at least one week notice to the NYSA team (below) to the reschedule date
  6. Remember in the Fall season, it will be dark by 4:30 when the season concludes, reschedules are near impossible during the week.


Steps to Reschedule a Home Match

  1. Contact the opposing coach ASAP (whether this is home or away)
  2. Agree on date and time w/ opposing coach
  3. Forward email confirmation of agreement to
    • Referee Assignor (Adi Pandit / referee.coordinator.nysa@gmail.com)
    • Field Coordinator (Ryan Luciano / ryan.luciano@gmail.com)
    • NYSA VP (Rich Swallow / nysa.swallow@gmail.com)
  4. Inform your BAYS Division Director
  5. Referee Assignor and Field Coordinator will reschedule the match
  6. You will get an email confirmation from BAYS with your new scheduled match