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Spring 2023 Registration

Kindergarten – Grade 8

Registration for Spring 2023 will be open from 11/1/2022 to 11/30/2022.   

A late fee of $25 will be applied to all registrations received after November 30, 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE for Kindergarten Registrations:  For Fall your child must be 5 by August 31st.  For Spring your child must be 5 by March 31st.

Grade Level Registration   Started back in Fall 2016, registration for the Fall season is based on grade, not age. This is in response to changes being made at the national level by US Youth Soccer.  While clubs are moving to calendar year registration (2000, 2001, 2002, etc), Mass Youth Soccer has implemented (with guidance from US Youth Soccer) a grade based registration process for all town programs.  There will be little change for players as they will continue to play with their classmates.   The biggest adjustment for town programs will be a different label for the groupings.

If you have any questions about this registration program, please contact  our Upper Registrar.


Below is a  guideline of when games will typically be held

  • Kindergarten – Sundays at 3:30PM
  • Girls Grade 1/2 – Sundays at 12:30PM
  • Boys Grade 1/2 – Sundays at 2:00PM
  • Girls Grade 3 – Saturdays  at 10:30AM
  • Boys Grade 3 – Saturdays  at 2:30PM
  • Girls Grade 4 – Saturdays at 11:45AM
  • Boys Grade 4 – Saturdays  at 1:00PM
  • Girls Grade 5 – Saturdays at 11:45AM 
  • Boys Grade 5 – Saturdays at 1:00PM
  • Girls Grade 6 – Saturdays   at 10:30AM
  • Boys Grade 6 – Saturdays at 2:30PM
  • Girls Grade 8 – Saturdays   at 9:00AM
  • Boys Grade 8 – Saturdays at 2:30PM


Uniforms are needed for games for all players.  Please order your uniform when you register to make sure you receive your uniform on time.  You will see the option to order a uniform during the registration process.

For Players Registered in Grades 3-8

Numbered jersey, shorts, socks

For Players Registered in Kindergarten, Grades 1-2

Reversible jersey, shorts, socks


Kindergarten and Grades 1-2 Team Assignments are randomly assigned. Special requests to accommodate other activities, commitments, or coach requests are not honored. For Grades 1-2 teams are balanced with players from both 1st and 2nd grade. All age levels will hear from their coach a few weeks before the start of the season.


Practice dates are determined by your coach. For Kindergarten, Grades 1-2 your practice will be either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Grades 3-8 can be any weekday.

REFUNDS Refund requests must be received before February 15th for the Spring and July 15th for the Fall.  No refunds will be issued after these dates except in the case of a season ending injury that occurs before the first game of the season.  This must be documented with a doctors note.     All requests must be sent via email to the appropriate registrar, Lower (Kindergarten, Grade 1-2) or  Upper (Grade 3-8), stating that the player is withdrawing from the program for the season and you are requesting a refund.  


Grade 9-12 teams are 100% organized by the individual coaches. Coaches will contact players directly. Unfortunately, the High School categories do not have open registration like the other age groups and this is due to coaching availability. If you haven’t been contacted by a coach but would like to play, please email  our Upper Registrar via email with name and DOB. A running list of interested players will be kept in case there are openings on any teams. If you’re a coach that would like to put together a fal4 team, please contact our Upper Registrar to find out the necessary steps.

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