Preparing for the Season


Player safety and development are paramount so the NYSA has implemented a number of requirements for our coach volunteers.  Please complete the following tasks before the beginning of the season.  To print a handy checklist, click here.

Register as a volunteer coach

So we can assign teams and create rosters, we need all coaches to register as such in our AdminSports registration system.  Click this link and login using your family email and password.  Next to your child’s name you should be able to click a link to volunteer.

Complete MYSA registration

Coaches must annually renew their MYSA registration.  If you are a new to coach, you must create a new account and register.  Please access the MYSA registration page:

If you run into any issues during this process, please contact the Affinity Sports helpline at 855.703.2558 or contact Mary Relic at

Complete CORI check

Before engaging with our youth players, all coaches must have an active CORI on file for Northboro Youth Soccer.  Once you complete the MYSA registration process, you can expect to receive an email from that includes a link for the CORI request. The CORI process will require that you have your MYSA username and password (created during the registration process), complete an online CORI form, and print a CORI Submission Form.

You will need to bring your printed CORI Submission Form and a form of identification (Driver’s License) to the preseason Coaches’ Meeting for verification.

Complete concussion training

All coaches are required to complete concussion training before coaching in the program.  If you have completed the training within the last three years, please send your certificate to our Coach Coordinator at

If you must complete the training, you can submit certificates from either of the following sources:

At the end of the training session there will be a list of questions you need to answer and when you are done a certificate will pop up. Type in your name, save the .pdf file on your computer, and print the certificate. Note: once you log out your information will NOT be saved.

Please send your completed certificate .pdf file to our Coach Coordinator at

Take a coach training course

As a program, NYSA aims to provide for our players the highest quality coaching possible.  To that end, we require all coaches (head and assistant) complete at least the USSF Online F course before coaching in the league.  If you have not completed any coach license courses, please register for the online F course at  Once you complete the course, submit to our Coach Coordinator at a copy of the certificate and receipt of payment for reimbursement.

You may choose to take a higher level course in lieu of the Online F.  Available courses can be found here and NYSA will reimburse you for the cost of the course.


Now that you have completed the requirements to coach in our program, it’s time to get ready for the season.

Confirm your assistant coaches

You will need at least one assistant to help manage games on Sundays so please reach-out to parents you know who would be willing to volunteer.  If you confirm an assistant, please have them register as a volunteer using the instructions noted above.  If you do not confirm an assistant, no worries – we will work with you to identify volunteers.

Select your practice/clinic time

Your team will train once per week for the duration of the season.  Look out for an email from our Field Coordinator with a survey for selection of your training day/time.

Welcome your team!

Once you receive a copy of your roster, reach-out to your team as soon as possible.  Parents and players are always anxious to know the coach they will play for and the other players on their team.  Click here [link] for a sample letter you can use to welcome your team.

Attend the Coaches’ Meeting

As a final preparation for the season, we host a preseason Coaches’ Meeting.  This meeting is MANDATORY for all coaches as we finalize many details for the season – you can pick-up equipment (balls, cones) and uniforms for your players, finish any coach requirements (CORI verification), and learn some new training exercises.  Keep an eye out for details and look forward to seeing you there!