NYSA Kindergarten Guidelines

At the Kindergarten age group, we endeavor to create a safe playing environment for our youth players within which to teach soccer fundamentals, promote fun, and instill an early love for the game.  Some of the core principles that direct our approach include:

  • Lots of opportunity to touch the ball through fun and interactive skill games
  • Teach the basics on kicking the ball, passing, and field position (spread out)
  • Promote sportsmanship. This starts with parents and those watching.  Positive comments to all players on the team is essential.


  • 8 week season
  • Sundays at 3:30pm @ McAfee Ellsworth Park
  • 3v3 format with no goalkeepers. 10 minute quarters with halftime.
  • Teams break up into two smaller teams which play simultaneously on separate fields. At half time, the away team changes fields.
  • No referees – coaches may join players on the field as needed to provide direction
  • No game scores or team standings


  • Players are randomly assigned to teams. Special requests for coaches, schools, or to accommodate other activity schedules will not be honored.  Attention is given to balance talent and gender as best as possible.
  • Coaches are all volunteers – consider joining in the fun as a head or assistant coach. Chances are, we need you!!


  • 1 per week, approximately 60 mins.
  • BEST Soccer leads training for 4 weeks at the beginning of the season on Wednesday or Thursday evenings at Melican Middle School (start time 5pm or 6pm).
  • Remaining weeks of the season, coach chooses practice time implementing techniques introduced at the BEST training sessions. Individual team training these weeks are at an assigned elementary school.


  • Game uniforms are purchased online via the registration link (reversible jersey with white for home and black for away)
  • Bring size 3 ball to every practice and game
  • Shin guards MUST be worn (under socks) for all practices and games
  • Bring water to every practice and game
  • No jewelry of any kind (including newly pierced ear rings)

Please Remember..

  • One parent must remain onsite for practices and games. There can be no drop off or pick ups at this age level.
  • No coaching from the sidelines. This only confuses the players.  Spend your energy encouraging all players on their efforts.

We are a volunteer organization and always looking for new parent volunteers coach our players. Please consider helping as a head coach or assistant.

Contact Shawn Lunneborg, NYSA Coach coordinator @ Shawn.lunneborg@gmail.com